About Pleetoox

Custom-made Textiles & Stand-Out Event Products

We offer custom made and branded table covers, flags, banners, displays, podium flags, napkins, table runners, aprons, and more. We work hard to be your primary custom printed textile source for corporate events, product demonstrations, promotions and tradeshows at wholesale prices. Simply put, our goal is to make you and your client look good!

At Pleetoox, our decades of experience, unmatched customer service, and extensive product offerings enable us to truly partner with our customers to deliver that "WOW" experience. We focus on quality custom goods, on-time delivery, and excellent customer service with exceptional attention to detail.

We have an extensive library of products, fabrics, resources, and expertise. If we don’t have it on hand, we very likely have access to it. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, just ask us. Whether you’re looking for one piece or thousands, blanks or custom-made, we have solutions for you.

why pleetoox?

When you work with Pleetoox, you get:

  • True Textile Experts with over 60 years of experience.

  • Friendly staff who will work with you to find the right solutions and hold your hand from quote through delivery.

  • Exceptional Customer Service with a proactive approach to real and potential issues.

  • 5-Star Rated Supplier to Distributors & Resellers - we do not sell to End Users.

  • 99.9% On-Time Delivery - we almost never miss a deadline.

  • Wide-variety of Products & Materials at very competitive prices.


We want to hear from you! We’re are happy to answer any questions you may have or discuss a project you are working on. We have vast industry and product knowledge and we’re happy to help you find the right solution for each situation.

The easiest way to get a hold of us is via phone at 816-561-9511 or via email at solutions[at]

Our (Hi)Story

In 1901, at the age of 16, Louie Price (Grandpa) left Russia and arrived in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Louie purchased one mule, one wagon, a few textiles, work shirts, denim jeans, boots, socks and began peddling door to door.

His business prospered and by 1914, he was able to open his first retail store in Galena, Kansas. The Price General Store was successful and Louie invested his profits in the stock market. By early 1929, he was financially secure enough to retire, and he generously sold his Galena store to a family member for $100. What a bargain!

Several months later, his fortune was erased as the market crashed. Louie moved his family to Miami, Oklahoma. Borrowing $1500 from the very store he owed money to, he opened Louis Price Dry Goods on Main Street. The operation was a true family affair. My grandmother Yetta joined as bookkeeper, and their three sons, Jack, Edward (Buddy) and Elmer, were in charge of sales. Their business expanded to storefronts in Chetopa and Baxter Spring Kansas.

In 1949, Louie and Yetta’s youngest son Elmer married my mother Betty and moved to her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Using the business acumen he learned from his father, Dad started American White Goods a wholesale distributor of apparel, sheets and towels. 

Former President Harry S Truman was at Research Hospital.  The hospital was a customer of Dad’s.  While there the President wanted whiskey which he preferred poured from the small airplane liquor bottles.  Then, only airlines had small liquor bottles; they could not be sold.  The hospital purchasing department learned TWA airlines was a customer of Dads, too and asked him to help with the President’s request.  He went to the airline, picked up and delivered a case of whiskey in small bottles for the President.  

I came into the business in 1976. In 1978, we bought Pleetoox Products Co. from Pete Scott, the grandson of its founder.  Pete was friends and golfing buddy with Augie Busch who owned Anheuser Busch Brewery.   In the early 1960’s Augie Busch was having a pool party at his estate and wanted decorated beach towels as take home gifts for his guests.  Printing on beach towels had never been done before so Pete went to a billboard company and them print Anheuser Busch beach towels.  They were a big hit and that is how this entire industry got started.

At professional sports games you will see towels being given away for the fans to wave over their heads. This originated with the Pittsburgh Steelers “terrible” towel in the 1970’s which was first bought from Pleetoox.

It’s been a 118+ year journey and today the company has evolved into a diversified custom manufacturer, supplier, distributor developing new products and markets to help your business.

I've learned a lot from my family’s long history in the textile marketplace, but the most important thing Louie taught us is to appreciate our customers -- you. 

We hope that we have an opportunity to work together very soon!

The Price Family