Art Submission Information

Art can be complicated. If you have any questions or need help with anything art related, please call us or email art@pleetoox.com and our Art Department will be happy to assist. 


- FTP: please call or email us for login information.

- Email: art@pleetoox.com (small files or compressed archives only)

Please call or email us with any questions regarding files or if you are unsure about file formats.


• Images at least 300 dpi at 1/4 the final production size will yield a very acceptable image. Resolution is not relevant to vector files.

• Proportions of the final repro documents must be in scale to the final size. Use crop marks to clearly indicate final dimensions.


• All desired colors need to be specified, either through match prints, Pantones or screen matching. EXACT COLOR MATCHES ARE NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE. Designers and Production Managers should refer to the Pantone Process Color Imaging Guide, Solid to Process, to be sure of the closest CMYK equivalent to the specified solid color(s) desired. It is VERY HELPFUL to include a color printout of your layout with your submission. Seeing the contents of the art will enable us to check for any possible errors. Please indicate whether to follow your printout for color matching or to follow the colors indicated in the file(s).


•All non-vector art (jpgs, tiffs, photographs, etc.) must be supplied with Illustrator, InDesign or Quark documents. If unavailable, color matching is not guaranteed.


• All fonts must be outlined or rasterized.

• All fonts used must be supplied. Both printer and screen fonts need to be included. Postscript fonts yield industry standard results. Avoid the use of TrueType fonts.


• Artwork must allow for any special finishing (sleeves, grommets, etc.) without sewing through any "safe" area such as a logo or pertinent text.

• Scanned images need to be saved at an appropriate resolution of 300 dpi for continuous tone reproduction (photos and/or illustrations). A 12"x 8" Photoshop image @300 dpi, between 60 and 8OMB, will yield very good results when enlarged to over 1500%.

• All files need to be saved in an editable format: Photoshop PSD, TIF, JPG & EPS and/or Illustrator AI, PDF, EPS. Only send files needed to produce the final design. Do not send unrelated files.