Custom Cut & Sewn Fabrics

Pleetoox offers a wide variety of quality fabrics that can be custom cut and sewn to almost any shape or size and in a wide variety of stock colors. Custom colors and fabric dyeing are available for numerous products. In general, if you’re looking for it, it’s likely we have it or can get it. Custom sizes, shapes, colors, and materials are our specialty!

We offer several categories of fabrics, including:

  • Environmentally Friendly sustainable fabrics such as 100% organic cotton, recycled polyester (rPET) made from post-consumer water bottles, organic cotton/rPET blends, and more.

  • Durable and Luxurious fabrics that will look great over a multiple uses and at special events such as conference suede, poly poplin, poly twill, spandex, and more.

  • One-Time and Limited Use fabrics such as lightweight woven & non-woven polyesters, linen-like paper, coated paper, plastic film, and more.

  • Liquid Repellent and Waterproof fabrics such as vinyl, liquid repellent polyester nylon, plastic film, Tex Wax, and more.

Over the years we’ve printed on hundreds of fabrics in dozens of colors. We understand fabric choice is important and sometimes confusing, but don’t stress! Our textile experts will help you choose the right fabric for each order or situation. Just shoot us a call or email or fill out our Quote Form and we’re happy to assist.

IF YOU DON'T SEE IT; ASK FOR IT! Contact us for custom size, shape, color and material requests. Numerous product options and fabrics are available but not shown on this site.

Here are a few samples of fabrics we offer: